Case studies

Examples from the real world where we determine the genetic makup of birds.

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13 MAR 2009 - Lightgreen cock x Darkgreen opaline cinnamon hen (en)

13 MAR 2009 - Darkgreen opaline cock x Lightgreen hen (en)

28 APR 2008 - Why is a dominant pied called dominant while not all the offspring are pied? (en)

25 DEC 2007 - Darkgreen cock split opaline, blue x Opaline hen split blue (en)

15 SEP 2007 - Yellowface type 2 opaline cock x Yellowface type 2 albino hen (en)

15 SEP 2007 - Yellowface type 2 grey greywing cock x Greygreen clearflight cinnamon hen (en)

15 SEP 2007 - Darkgreen opaline cock x Skyblue hen (en)

05 AUG 2006 - Sabrina kweekt onverwacht een lutino. Hoe nu verder? (nl)